Friday, March 7, 2014

Looking at Trolls From an Academic Perspective

A fair amount of academic and scientific research on trolling has been emerging in recent weeks. In mid-February, a psychology paper found that internet trolls have high levels of narcissism, sadism, and sociopathy (big surprise). And now a peer-reviewed academic publication called The Fibreculture Journal has devoted its entire new issue to the topic of trolling.

I confess that such content generally leaves me cold. I'm sure there are some genuine troll-related insights lurking within that Fibreculture Journal issue, but the writing is so dry and stilted that I can't muster the energy or interest to plow through it. If anyone else wants to go through the journal and report back on any interesting finds, I'm all ears.

Meanwhile, if you have any trolling-related stories to share, I'm all ears for those as well.

(Special thanks to Robin Edgerton for letting me know about the troll-centric journal issue.)